Acne Rescue

A Holistic Care

It is the purest and most natural way to relieve and manage acne skin – even to stave off future out-breaks, all effective without the use of harmful chemicals. It is a complete organic solution for acne with uniques properties of Sebum Control, Exfoliation, Anti-bacterial, Antioxidant and Anti-inflammation.

Sebum Control ingredients such as Plankton Extract and ultra mild plant-based cleansers that removes excessive sebum without drying up the skin. Willowbark Extract exfoliates, unclogs pores and allows nutrients to penetrate into the skin.

Totarol Extract and Organic Tea Tree Oil as strong anti-bacterial agents that keep harmful bacteria at bay and promote skin recovery. Antioxidant rich Olive Leaf Extract and Vitamin E provide protection against free radicals and enzyme oxidation activity. Licorice Extract and Aloe Vera Extract with anti-inflammation property calms and soothes inflamed and irritated skin.

Cleanse the Spots Away

Have a strong first line of defence against acne with gentle, hydrating yet effective ACNE RESCUE MILD CLEANSER that fights against acne-causing bacteria.

Leading the fight against acne is the extract from Totarol, its natural defence mechanism against bacterial attacks. Working together with Tea Tree Oil, another natural anti-bacterial agent, you can be confident that your skin will be well protected against acne-causing bacteria. Synergistic combinations with organic Aloe Vera Extract, Fructan and Vitamin E ensure skin remains soothed and hydrated while protected from harmful radicals. Let’s not forget the mild combination of amino acid and sugar which cleanses gently without irritating the skin.

Good Bye Oily Skin

Acne is often caused by the over production of sebum and buildup of dead skin cells together with bacterial invasion. ACNE RESCUE SEBUM CONTROL GEL helps to manage this by going back to ancient remedies when the best of nature is explored and used.

Excess sebum is absorbed by Plankton Extract, leaving matt and radiant skin. Well-known natural anti-bacterial agents Totarol Extract and Tea Tree Oil ensure that acne-causing bacteria stay away. The gel also uses ‘king of herbs’ Licorice Extract for its anti-inflammatory and whitening properties. Willowbark Extract provides further soothing properties and more importantly, exfoliates dry and dull skin cells to unclog pores and renew skin. Natural prebiotic Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide is added to stimulate the growth of good bacteria and eliminate bad bacteria. Despite the potency of these ingredients, the gel remains light in texture, making it a welcome touch to irritable or inflamed skin.

Concentrated Effort on those Spots

As those with acne will testify, some spots just need that extra bit of effort to tackle. ACNE RESCUE ACNE CONTROL CREAM gives that much needed help, using unique yet clinically proven plant actives.

Acne-causing bacteria will not stand a chance against the potent combination of Totarol Extract and Tea Tree Oil. Licorice Extract and Organic Aloe Vera Extract soothe irritation and inflammation, with the latter also providing the skin with much needed hydration after Willowbark Extract unclogs pores and removes dry and dead skin cells. Anti-oxidants Olive Leaf Extract and Vitamin E provide protection against harmful radicals while natural prebiotic Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide increases the growth of good bacteria on the skin.