Our Story

Acne, eczema-prone skin, hair loss, dandruff and sensitive skin are common conditions affecting many of us. Remedies are often sought in expensive creams yet many of these contain harsh ingredients that may cause undesirable side effects in the longer-term.

Buds Organics was created out of a father’s love for his children who suffered from eczema. From there, products were created with the safest, purest and most effective natural ingredients.

Knowing that we have personal experiences with eczema and sensitive skin, combined with our scientific knowledge of natural ingredients that can calm and manage such conditions, Dr. Buds Organics was born out of regular requests for a range of potent products targeting these conditions from many loyal fans.

Going back to nature for the best solutions

Nature has many ready remedies to restore our skin and scalp to their optimal state.

Dr. Buds Organics goes back to basics and takes the best of what nature has to offer. Inspired by ancient remedies, the range features natural ingredients used back in the days when chemicals were not yet invented. These key active ingredients have also since been clinically proven to solve these specific skin and scalp conditions. They have been brought together in the most effective way to calm irritation, relieve itch, heal, protect and strengthen your skin and scalp.

Dr. Buds Organics is one of the few organic personal, skin and hair care treatment product ranges in the world to have achieved certification by ECOCERT, one of the world’s largest and most recognised organic certification bodies.

Dr. Buds Organics fits in aptly in the overall care of my patients. It is a safe and natural option, and certainly has a place in improving the quality of lives of my patients as they seek to manage challenges with their skin.

I am assured of its safety and credibility with the ECOCERT organic certification received. Further, the fact that it is developed by a loving father, KK Soo for his children has certainly augured well for the products. As a father myself, I can empathise with KK and understand that only the best will do for one’s own children, thus I am sure the same has been applied to these products.

My patients have been giving good feedback on Buds’ products for eczema. There were noticeable recovery observed.

Being a user myself, I have found these products to be effective and safe.

Consultant Paediatrician & Consultant Clinical Immunologist/Allergist
(Adults and Paediatrics)